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About GBCD

Graham Bell Centre for the Deaf (GBCD)is an NGO, established in 1991, working for empowering children & persons with Disabilities. The organization looks forward to mainstream the PWDs within their own community and to build up their capacity & confidence to make them productive as well as contributing members of the society so that they can live a life with dignity. The main focus of our work are creating mass sensitization on Disability and their Rights & entitlements, ensuring Education,skill training, Life skills support & Livelihood opportunities and inclusion of children & person with disabilities in every sphere of life.We are also running several clinics for audio logical assessment, physiotherapy, Mental Health and speech therapy.


The vision of the organization is to create a non threatening and non discriminating environment within the society, so that persons with disabilities can enjoy a life with equal opportunities and full participation with all other members of the society.


Each & every person, irrespective of their abilities, can analyze their situation, plan for future and can have control over their lives. Empowering people is ensuring sustainability. Persons with disabilities can fully participate in the change making process of self, family and community.


The mission of the organization is to empower the persons with disabilities and promote economic self reliance among them to ensure an inclusive society.


The goals of the organization are social and educational inclusion, economic independence and empowerment of persons with disabilities through mainstreaming in every sphere of life.

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